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Posted by Daniel Getty | Nov 02, 2023 | 2 Comments

All children need both parents involved completely in their lives.  Especially those with two parents who are adequate loving parents that want to be part of those children's lives.  

The current state of affairs in Ohio still seems to strongly favor one parent, especially in unmarried parental situations.  We need a change not only in the basic principles of the custody laws in Ohio, but also with those deciding those laws.  Not much thought is really given to these cases by the triers of fact.  What has been done in the past is still the current custom.  Every other weekend for one parent. (the child being robbed of 26 days for this parent)  One parent in primary control with the other paying support.  Is this really current with our modern world?  Seems more like the 1920s to me.  The laws say they are fair, it's not true though.   This is a typical "standard" order in most courts.  

Anyway, this blog is meant to open the discussion and my opinions on Ohio Laws and the current state of parenting outcomes in Ohio when parents either divorce or are never married.  I hope to analyze some laws, some proposed laws, and current opinions and basis for and against a substantial change in those laws. 

New proposed laws in Ohio mandate that Shared parenting be the default in Ohio.  In other words, the parent stating that the other parent was unfit would have to prove it or that a reason exists to justify a variance from shared parenting.  How do we feel about this proposed change in the law?????

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Posted Nov 02, 2023 at 11:37:11

What would you suggest be the standard decisions of the Court? I’ve seen more instances of shared parenting in the recent years where the child stays one week with one parent and one with the other. However, that only works when the parents are in the same area. When both parents want the child, but are not willing to live in same area in order for shared parenting to work, how would you determine who the sole custodial parent should be?

Daniel Getty Reply

Posted Jan 30, 2024 at 16:42:36

Well, thanks for your input Sarah. Just working the glitches on my new page and now figured out how to follow up. Anyway, I believe what is best is equal time and equal rights with both parents. Barring anything like abuse and neglect and the like. You mentioned week to week visitation. According to the current research it seems that the preference is a 2-2-3 schedule. Research has shown that its best when children see there parents every few days. It keep alienation down and resolves many other concerns with a week to week arrangement. Also, the children tend to feel as though they have two homes rather than visiting with one parent and living with the other.
If two parents don’t live close other arrangements have to be made. Every weekend is often a way to resolve such concern.

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